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First weigh in this morning and I’ve lost 4 pounds!!! 128lbs now - I’m so happy :) I thought it would be a LOT slower than that because my starting weight was already ‘healthy’ (20). Yay!!

Well, in a sense.

I’ve decided to move The Splitpin Diary to wordpress, I find the layout for recipes and pages far easier to use.

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faithhealthlife: "I like your ‘Cost of Living’ idea - mind if I steal it?"

LOL it's just my AMR. But go right ahead :)

Thanks! Haha I know, I just liked that phrase and didn’t want to copy you without asking :) x


I thought this was pretty

Yes! I had one of these sundae cups the other night - 110cal and so so yummy!

gorgeousbird-deactivated2011122: Thanks, I'm a bit worried, but you are the second who tells me that the more I stress, the longer it will take, so I'll just relax^^

Good :)

Are you still in your teens? Back in highschool it was the worst, even without missing a pill (or not on the pill) my friends and I often had late-period-bloat scares. Now that I look back on it, I think that our bodies were still adjusting to puberty so even the slightest disruption caused all sorts of drama. But yes, relax, there are 101 reasons why it might be late and one of the most common is stress. So stressing about it makes it late! I’d still say to go and get a test from the chemist though, just for your own peace of mind. :) x